Direct Current Productions

expert videography, competitively priced

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We approach each job as the unique production it is.

Dan is our videographer and editor. Ginny is the writer and producer. Based on the needs of each project, we assemble the right size crew to join us. We're fortunate to work along side experienced freelance grips, gaffers, soundmen, make-up artists, teleprompter operators and production assistants.

We shoot with hi-def cameras and have complete lighting and audio kits. Plus everything else to do the job right -- hi-def monitors, tripods, carts, cables, reflectors, etc.

We're easygoing and technically savvy. We arrive prepared for the job, on time and dressed appropriately. Conducting ourselves professionally and treating our clients with respect is what we consider 'business-as-usual'.

We're passionate about what we do and have fun doing it!
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